Career Issues

The current college student sometimes experiences a sense of being adrift in the midst of
confusing options, particularly when potential career options remain obscure. Coalescing
various interests, skills, curiosities, and personal style bring into view a clearer focus
upon the relevance of particular areas of study to pursue.

For some, once a life of work or pursuit of career has begun, a realization occurs in
which the current career path is sensed as a very poor fit. Discovering new career paths
involves evaluating interests, skills, economic realities, and realistic opportunities
currently present as well as potentially available. Furthermore, the quest for personal
transformation occurs for many, and redefining work functions and career orientation
become central to enhancing a sense of wellbeing and purposefulness. Sometimes, the
best course is reconstructing a more effective resume. In other cases, deconstructing
work problems allows for a newly acquired understanding to propel one to the next stage
of a career. Some add to their repertoire of skills and abilities by committing to further
education or training.

I can help you with:

  • College Re-entry
  • Career Development
  • Resume Retooling